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24 November 2020 - 26 November 2020
ONLINE Free From Functional & Health Ingredients 2020 and Free From Expo Packaging 2020

Webinars and Speakers 24 November

Euromonitor International, U.S.

24-11 at 11.00-11.20 AM.

Topic: ‘Traditions vs. Innovations: how new dairy trends affect lactose-free products.

Speaker: Simona Bernatonyte , Analyst at Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is a highly respected member of the market research industry. Publishing reports across a broad range of topics such as food and beverage, healthcare, technology, cosmetics and fashion among many others, Euromonitor International caters to the needs of a large cross-section of people in need of market research solutions. Having actively produced market research publications for almost fifty years, Euromonitor International has built up a research base in more than 100 countries, from which they can get to the heart of the market in order to provide you with the most detailed and far-reaching findings on where the market you are interested in stands today, as well as what direction it is going.

OTA, Organic Trade Association

24-11 at 11.20-11.35 AM.

Topic: Upcoming Organic Trends

Speaker: Alexis Carey, International Trade Manager.

Alexis Carey has worked with the Organic Trade Association (OTA) since 2018 as the organization’s International Trade Manager. At OTA, Alexis manages international programming, including the association’s USDA funding for overseas organic market development, along with several member task forces dedicated to international trade topics. These resources provide export assistance to U.S. organic companies and expand the reach of organic around the world. Alexis also facilitates dialogue on international trade issues related to organic between the U.S. government, foreign governments, and U.S. organic stakeholders. In her time with OTA, Alexis has traveled to dozens of cities around the world with U.S. exporters promoting U.S. organic products, and educating consumers on the benefits of U.S. organic products. Alexis graduated with academic honors from American University in Washington, D.C. with a B.A. in International Studies and Spanish. She has lived in Santiago, Chile and Rome, Italy, and currently lives in Washington, D.C.


24 - 11 at 11.35 - 11.50 AM.

Topic: European consumer survey on plant-based foods.

Speaker: Dr. Kai-Brit Bechtold, Senior Consumer Research Scientist 

Dr. Kai-Brit Bechtold, Senior Consumer Research Scientist at ProVeg and a lecturer with extensive expertise on developments, trends, and data in the food sector. Before holding positions on agency side for Nielsen and then on industry side for Upfield (formerly Unilever), she worked as Scientific Researcher (PhD and Postdoc) at the Department of Food Economics and Consumption Studies at the University of Kiel and investigated consumers‘ preferences and willingness-to-pay for innovative food products. Her passion for sustainable food and her knowledge of insights into consumer trends and behaviour position her as a true food industry expert.


24-11 at 14.00-14.15 PM.

Topic: Clean-label in F&B

Speaker: Nikola Matic, Director of Kline’s Chemical & Materials

Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Nikola Matic is director for the Chemicals & Materials practice of Kline & Company. With extensive international market research experience, he has worked across a range of chemical and energy projects and is presently focused on projects within the Chemicals & Materials industry.

Currently, Nikola manages flagship industry programs including Personal Care Ingredients, Specialty Actives, Synthetic Latex Polymers, Specialty Biocides, and Specialty Excipients.

Prior to joining Kline, he worked in the environmental services consultancy for a leading French corporation, where he was responsible for business development in Central and Eastern Europe.

Nikola holds an engineering degree in process engineering from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne and is fluent in French, English, Czech and Serbian.

Allergenen Consultancy, Netherlands

24-11 at 14.15 - 14.40 PM

Topic webinar: Allergen labelling and free-from claims legislation worldwide – points of interest and pitfalls.

Speaker: Dorinda Voorhoeve, Trainer/consultant

Allergenen Consultancy has been providing support with allergen issues in the food industry and food service since 2003. We provide advice and training with an enthusiastic team. We also supply supporting products in the field of allergen management and hand hygiene.

Allergen management is a small but important part of your quality system. We know from experience that 'adding allergens' leads to many errors and unnecessary measures and therefore costs. So let the specialist inform you!

We shape your allergen policy from various angles and specializations. Our many years of experience in food allergy, quality assurance, auditing, production line and room design, analysis methods, specification management, labeling, risk assessment, menu adjustments and training and motivation of people guarantee a practical approach.

Pro Carton

24-11 at 14.40-14.55 PM.

Topic: Sustainability – the consumers’ view

Speaker: Tony Hitchin, General Manager

Pro Carton has recently undertaken Europe wide research on people’s attitudes to the climate crisis and to packaging. The survey which encompassed more than 10,000 respondents was conducted earlier this month so the results really are hot off the press. Some of the findings are quite surprising and Tony will share a few of them with you. Tony Hitchin is the General Manager of Pro Carton, which is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers.

Tony is spent 20 years in the food industry working at Director level for several national and international companies before moving into the packaging industry where he undertook a number of senior strategic roles with, what is now, MPS Westrock. He runs his own consultancy specialising in creative sales and marketing solutions.

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