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24 November 2020 - 26 November 2020
ONLINE Free From Functional & Health Ingredients 2020 and Free From Expo Packaging 2020


25-11 at 11.00-11.15 AM.

Topic: Plant-based Meat alternatives.

Speaker: Yann Pencolé, Director of Kline’s Management Consulting

Based in the London office, Yann Pencolé provides strategic business intelligence services to Kline’s clients in Europe as well as globally. Having worked in business climates such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America, Yann brings a well-rounded perspective to his clients.

Over the course of his career, he has managed and conducted studies on market entry and expansion strategy, due diligence and acquisition screening, manufacturing cost competitiveness, industry and competitor analysis, sourcing studies, and distributor searches.

From an industry perspective, Yann has delivered successful projects to clients in beauty and personal care, healthcare, energy, petrochemical, mining, agrochemical, and construction.

Prior to working for Kline, he worked in the strategy and business development teams of Rhodia (ex-Rhone Poulenc Chimie, now Solvay) and as a business development and account director for Mintel (Beauty and Personal Care division).

Yann is an industrial engineer (he graduated from ICAM in France, Arts et Métiers) and holds a specialized Master’s degree in entrepreneurship from ESCP Europe (Paris campus).

He is fluent in English and French and converses in Spanish and Japanese. In his spare time, he practices Kendo and runs marathons.

Euromonitor International, U.S.

25-11-2020 at 11.15-11.35 AM.

Topic: ‘Unpackaging Vegetarianism in Europe; How different is Western and Eastern Europe when it comes to vegetarian packaged food?

Speaker: Roland Szaki, Analyst at Euromonitor International

 Euromonitor International is a highly respected member of the market research industry. Publishing reports across a broad range of topics such as food and beverage, healthcare, technology, cosmetics and fashion among many others, Euromonitor International caters to the needs of a large cross-section of people in need of market research solutions. Having actively produced market research publications for almost fifty years, Euromonitor International has built up a research base in more than 100 countries , from which they can get to the heart of the market in order to provide you with the most detailed and far-reaching findings on where the market you are interested in stands today, as well as what direction it is going.

Zero dot Zero

25-11 at 11.35-11.50 AM.

Topic: The Temporary (Paper) City

Speaker: Maloe Brinkman, Graphic Designer

Theme: transience in the contemporary city. Designed by Wietske Flederus and Maloe Brinkman in collaboration with VNP Netherlands.

The installation was exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2019 in Eindhoven.

Orgran/Roma Food Products

25-11 at 14.00-14.15 PM.

Topic: Free From: Traditions vs Innovations

Speaker: Max Buontempo, Director


The year was 1984. The first Apple Macintosh computer was unveiled to the world. Our screens were graced with cult classic films like Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones. Tetris was soon to become one of the most iconic video games of all time.

And amidst the pop cultural revolution of the decade, brothers Frank and Max started a revolution of their own. With a vision for a healthier way of living and specializing in alternative grains, the two brothers pioneered the ‘free from’ industry…and so, the ORGRAN brand was born.

Now, over 30 years later, ORGRAN is the leading and trusted choice for those with special dietary requirements, enjoyed in more than 70 countries around the world. Plus, with over 80 delicious and nourishing gluten free products to choose from, you can rely on ORGRAN to keep you ‘free to feel good’!

For over 60 years, Roma Food Products still remains as a private, family owned company to this day, and is arguably the world’s largest multi category allergen-friendly food manufacturer.

FMCG Gurus

25-11 at 14.15 -14.30 PM.

Topic: The growing opportunity for free-from claims in Europe.

Speaker: Mr. Mike Hughes, Head of Research and Insights Division

FMCG Gurus provides market research and insight into consumer attitudes and behaviours across the food, beverage and supplement markets around the world. The leading global FMCG companies trust us in helping them make more informed decisions by leveraging our services and solutions.

Our global reach includes ingredient analysis, future trend mapping and actionable recommendations.


24-11 at 14.30 -14.45 PM.

Topic: How to guarantee safe food for consumers with food allergies? Socio economical aspects of food allergies.

Speaker: Ronald Niemeijer, Director global marketing food diagnostics

R-Biopharm is a leading developer of test solutions for Clinical Diagnostics and Food & Feed Analysis. In both sectors, the R-Biopharm test kits offer high precision and accuracy, key requirements where patient and consumer health is at risk.

R-Biopharm AG was founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of Röhm GmbH in Darmstadt, Germany. In 1991 it was taken over by the present chairman of the board, Dr. Ralf M. Dreher. Since 1996 R-Biopharm’s quality management systems have been certified to the international standards ISO 9001 and in 2003 the company gained ISO 13485 quality management certification. From January 2000 R-Biopharm acquired sole worldwide distribution rights to Enzymatic BioAnalysis, a product developed by Roche (formerly BOEHRINGER Mannheim). In 2002 R-Biopharm took over Rhône Diagnostics Technologies in Scotland, another supplier of mycotoxin test kits, resulting in successful expansion of its position in the food and feed analysis sector. Today the German parent company R-Biopharm is represented by subsidiaries in the USA, UK, Italy, France, Latin America, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Australia, India, China and the Netherlands, as well as by a worldwide extensive network of more than 120 distributors. In addition, Switzerland and Austria are represented by local Country Managers.
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